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Things to Know When Hiring a Low-Volt Cabling Contractor to Install Jacks for Phones and Computers

Low-voltage wiring is any cable designed to carry 600 volts or less. This low-voltage cable powers up most digital technology and communication equipment like telephone systems, intercoms, and audio-video equipment. Additionally, with the number of devices connecting to the internet and requiring functions like data transfer, organizations need a system that can facilitate it. When standard electrical wiring and wireless networks fall short, low-voltage wiring comes to the rescue. Whether reorganizing an existing cabling system or installing a new one, taking the time to research and vet potential low-voltage contractors can help ensure a successful project.

Keep reading to find out a few tips for hiring the right low-voltage contractor.

Professional Knowledge

Low-voltage cabling requires specialized training and knowledge to execute systems cleanly and safely. The first thing to check before deciding on a contractor is their experience in the sector. The contractor also needs to have local knowledge, like the local licensing law or specific laws in states to ensure compliance. A contractor with experience working in your community and multiple industries would be a good choice. Low-volt cabling contactors are required by law to be licensed by the state.  You do not want to do business with an unlicensed low-volt contractor as if you do any contract you sign with them is null and void.  Ask all potential low-volt contractors for their state license number.  You will be glad you did!

Online Reviews

Online customer reviews can be a reliable source of information about the working style and overall experience you can have with a low-voltage contractor, as they are written by customers like you. Check for the most recent reviews and testimonials the contractor has received and try to get an idea if the contractor is suitable for the task. Additionally, you can check with the contractors if they have any references to share. They often can give you the details of their previous clients who are ready to back them up.

Responsive Communication

Communication plays an essential role in any construction project. Most construction or renovation projects have multiple contractors and vendors working simultaneously, and a delay from one person can significantly impact the project’s timelines. Make sure the low-voltage contractor you are considering provides clear and timely communication. They also should be ready to answer any questions you may have without delay.

Quoting Procedure

While researching a low-voltage contractor, you also try to get quotes from each contractor and check if it matches your budget. Apart from checking the final dollar value, you can check if the quote clearly mentions the scope of work and also check how comprehensive it is. The quote itself will give you an idea of how professional the contractor is.

Service Solutions

Most low-voltage systems will need to be rightly managed to function effectively. Check with your potential contractor about the after-installation service solutions they offer, as it can be a yearly maintenance or round-the-clock support for any queries you may have. This way, you can ensure you work with a contractor who will be familiar with the system and be there in case you have a problem.

The decision to hire a low-voltage cabling contractor depends on many factors; the contractor company needs to suit the schedule, budget, and quality requirements. If you want to hire a low-volt cabling contractor to install jacks for phones and computers, contact Tribute Telecom, LLC. We have more than twenty years of telecom industry experience and have a consultative approach to solving problems. Request a quote today and make connections easy!

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